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Jumper pins (points to be connected by the jumper) are arranged in groups called jumper blocks, each group having at least one pair of contact points. An appropriately sized conductive sleeve called a jumper, or more technically, a jumper shunt, is slipped over the pins to complete the circuit.

Overclock Mac (optimize) your Apple Power Mac Beige G3 system, Blue & White G3's & Sawtooth G4's, Digital Audio G4, QuickSilver G4 or iMac G3's all in one place!

Now you can get the jumpers you need without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and get help finding out how you are supposed to configure your equipment in one easy to use place. Jumpers are sometimes called shunts.

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The new SATA drives don't require any jumper setting changes on your Macintosh (MOST OF THE TIME). If you are on an iMac G5 and install a new SATA drive you will need to slow down the drive by adding a jumper. If you are using a drive from an iMac G5 and putting it in a later machine you need to remove the jumper. Your drive should be recognized by the disk utility and allow you to format it. If it doesn't suspect jumper settings. The regular tower Power Mac G5 systems had the faster bus. PC's may require it depending on your motherboard. Why you should check a SATA drive's jumper settings - YouTube.

Some of the early iMacs and MacBooks, MacBook Pro's may have trouble talking to the new 6GB drives that are now available. If your unit has the 1.5GBPS drive bus you may want to install the jumper. Another article I found useful was from Accelerate Your Mac. It has a diagram for setting the Seagate drives down. On Western Digital jumpering pins 5 and 6 (Opti 1) will limit the drive to 1.5GBPS.


They call IDE drives ATA and more recently PATA. It is for our intents and purpose all the same. Do scrutinize the drive itself. Many times the settings chart is right on the drive. Knowing the settings is important for to easily install hard drive they are required.

How to configure your drive jumper settings for:

Hitachi/IBM - Hitachi bought IBM's Hard Drive Division. This link is to their drive setup site. The jumper table is on the end of your hard drive.
Seagate/Maxtor/Quantum - the Seagate site is crap now. Use my Seagate/Maxtor/Quantum Drive Table.
Western Digital - - look on the circuitboard near the jumper position or click here for the universal chart..
Samsung - had to do their own thing so pay attention: drive configurations Samsung Chart. The chart on the drive makes no sense. I don't think much of these drives by the way. They have a high failure rate. They went out of their way to show you how to limit your drive to 32GB for what reason I cannot imagine.


SCSI JUMPERS - most SCSI drives use the small size jumpers. This is a link to Seagate/Maxtor/Quantum site. From there you can find the jumper settings for your drive Click here for drive hard jumper maxtor setting Maxtor/Quantum -

SCSI drives use jumpers for several functions. The main reason most people change the jumpers on a SCSI drive is to give it a different SCSI ID. There are usually 3 locations and on the Quantum for example they are labeled A2, A1, and A0. Default is generally no jumpers which makes the drive 0. By adding jumpers to different positions you can number the drives anywhere from 0 to 7. The main thing is to make sure that the number you make the drive is different than any other device on the chain. For example a typical installation would be a base drive with the number of 0, a CD drive with the number of 3, a zip drive with a number of 4, and a scanner with a number of 7. If you were to add an additional drive to this chain it would have to be numbered 2,5, or 6.

The other reason to jumper a drive is for termination. It seems systems like to know where the beginning and ending of the chain is. To accomplish this the first device on the chain generally should be terminated as well as the last device. See the notes on your system for specifics. I like to have my scanner as the last device in the chain and I always terminate it. Want to know more about termination? Try and look up termination.

Startech has a SCSI School which is a great place to learn about all the flavors of SCSI

IDE/ATA/PATA DRIVE JUMPERS - all IDE/ATA/PATA drives use the large size jumpers.

IDE/ATA drives generally have 3 or 4 jumper positions. If you have two drives on a bus you must configure the drives in a master/slave configuration which may require you add a jumper to one drive or the other. See your drive instructions or try the appropriate site listed in the links.

SPECIAL NOTE: ON Power Macintosh G4 systems produced after 2002 which includes late model QuickSilver G4's, Mirror Drive Door, iMac G4's, Mac Mini"s, iBooks, Powerbooks having Boot ROM Versions 4.33 or later you should use CABLE SELECT on all drives including opticals. This includes all G5 model opticals as well. The G4 units do not have the 132GB hard drive limitation and can use the larger IDE drives. Do remember though that if you plan to boot info OS9 on units that are capable, the maximum partition size is 190 GB.

We have recently added a new site about optimizing your G4 Sawtooth System! Here is my page on optimizing (clocking up) Sawtooth G4 Macs including duals, complete with chart. Also visit

Optimize your G4, Click here for:


In a word you can't find these anywhere anymore and if you do they want you to buy $50 minimum or pay through the nose for shipping.

They are sometimes called female jumper connectors, 2 pin shunt, pcb jumpers connectors, electrical jumper connectors or laminated copper shunts. I just call them jumpers.

I started this service for those of you in this position. Not only do I have the links to get the information for setting up your drives all in one place I also added the best sites with overclocking information.

I usually drop them when working and my wife vacuums them up when I am not looking.

I also added some drives to these systems and on some I had to change the SCSI ID's and termination and on the IDE drives I had to set up Master Slave configuration. Again I needed jumpers only this time a different size. I had a heck of a time finding the information on setting up the drives.

When we configure G3 Systems we sometimes overclock (speed up or optimize) the processor on these unit easily. Or so I thought. Some of the configurations require 6 jumpers. I couldn't find the small size jumpers anywhere. Radio Shack didn't have them in stock. I finally found a source that would sell me in 100 lots but I had to make a minimum order and pay shipping just so I could get 5 extra jumpers. The drive hard jumper setting was sometimes hard to find.

Now you can get the jumpers you need without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and get help finding out how you are supposed to configure your equipment in one easy to use place.

New SHORTY Size Added!

We now sell three sizes of jumpers. After buying some new SCSI drives I found I needed a low profile jumper for them. The small and the large (gold plated small, tin plated large) come in a package of 6 for a fair price and no tax except in Oklahoma. They are $1.99 your choice of sizes. The new SHORTY size we sell 4 in a package for $1.99. We include shipping in the price (we mail your order first class). If you aren't sure what size you need order the combo pack which includes 6 each small and larger for $2.99. The SHORTY jumpers we only sell separately and you will know if you need these since they are so small and SHORT. Email for larger quantities We take VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER securely via

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OPTIMIZE (OVERCLOCK) YOUR G3 PowerMac - another reason to need a whole bunch of jumpers! These use the small size jumpers.

Here is my page on optimizing (clocking up) Beige G3 Macs complete with chart.
Here is my page on optimizing (clocking up)
B&W G3 Macs complete with chart.
Here is my page on optimizing (clocking up)
iMac G3's complete with chart. - Specifics on B&W Macs - XLR8's G3 Zone has more upgrade information along with a database of folks who have reported their overclocking results.


Here is my page on optimizing (clocking up) Sawtooth G4 Macs complete with chart. - online resources for G4 users - help for G4 users - help for G5 users

Disclaimer/Warning: This information is for reference only - not an endorsement of overclocking. Modifications like this will void your warranty and may result in failures and/or data loss. I overclock everything but I also tear off the tags on my mattresses.

Bob, why don't you sell or recommend the new SSD type drives - now we do!

Well if you haven't noticed they are still too damned expensive for my pocket. That being said we have started installing Seagates NEW Solid State Hybrid Drives on a few of our frequent customers custom system builds.

Seagates NEW FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drives offer the best of both worlds

If you haven't see these they offer the best of both worlds. A good size SSHD is built into a conventional size hard drive giving you SSD performance and regular drive capacities.

Seagate has 1 Terabyte, 2 Terabyte capacities in a standard 3.5" full size capacity for both G5's and Mac Pro Towers or your older G4;s if you have a SATA card installed. Remember older PPC Macs don't work well with drives above 2.2 Terabytes.

Seagate also offers 500 GB, 1 TB & 2 TB capacities in the 2.5" Laptop sizes. The larger one will not fit in some units since it is the taller size.

Do remember we can do our installs (extra fee) that will get you up and running immediately and we have the G5 mounting screws in stock.

We do offer a 120GB adapted Solid State Drive for G4 systems!

Go to and click to enter the store. Look for IntDrive categories.

Solid State Drives for Your G4!

Cheryn tells me we are having trouble finding 80 or 120GB refurbished hard drives for our older Mac customers. There haven't been new ones available for years. We know you depend on us to help keep your old gear running efficiently. These brand new digital solid state drives have no moving parts making them not only faster but more reliable. We still think you should keep your system backed up but running from these super fast brand new drives only make sense. We haven't carried SSD drives much before but we think now that the prices are more affordable now is the time. We found the right kind of adapter that allows you to configure it for Master, Slave or Cable Select depending on your needs. That makes these more compatible and easily configurable with an included jumper. We can set these up for your system or you can use copy software to move your old data. Let us know how we can help speed up your G4 system. I tested these on our servers so you know they are fast and dependable.

Solid State 120GB Drive Kit - G4

Speed up your G4 • Faster Data Access • No Moving Parts

Operator Headgap tested and approved! Improve Performance! Now more affordable you can move up to the latest technology on your G4 and still run OSX or OS9.2.2 and boot from either. This 2.5" SSD comes with an adapter that features the ability to be set to Master, Slave or Cable Select for maximum compatibility. The 120GB Size is the largest size most G4 can run. FASTER DATA ACCESS! This speeds up almost everything you do on your Mac! More reliable than the old conventional drives, no moving parts, no noise. We include velcro so it is simple to mount anywhere that is convenient. WORKS in ALL G4 Macs and connect to a standard IDE connector. We preformat these and can preinstall call for custom configuration. Reg.$119.77, SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE $99.77 includes domestic shipping. See the G4 Category in the online store.

Boot 9 or X


If you have data that absolutely must be recovered, for Mac HD recovery we suggest a place called DriveSavers. Tell them we sent you and get a 10% discount by giving them the number DS20072. They have a no data, no charge, policy on single drives. I would get an estimate. Call them toll free at 1-800-440-1904. To request an estimate by e-mail, log on to our website at

Remember here at Headgap we do what is called level 1 recovery. If the drive isn't making bad noises and is just not mounting we can likely get your data back and possibly simply restore the drive.


The G3 and G4 prior to the QuickSilver 2002 model has a limition on drive size. 132 GB (formats to 128) is the maximum drive size for units made prior. Practically speaking an 80GB or 120GB is about all you can find.

NEVER INSTALL A 160 GB or Larger Drive internally and format it to a smaller size. This will bite you on the butt, guaranteed. I don't care if you did get it for a nickel.-

WARNING: If you are planning on buying a large-capacity 3.5" internal hard drives above 132 GB, you need to be aware of this issue, in case you are not already:

The ATA controllers in Macs up through the PowerMac G4 Quicksilver 2001 models cannot properly format a drive larger than 132 GB, and entire drive will not be recognized. For example, when upgrading a G4 Quicksilver 2001 with a 160 GB hard drive, only 128 GB of storage will be recognized if using the native ATA controller. We stock an ATA card that solves this issue but better yet install a SATA card if you can still locate one.

All ATA133 controllers allow large capacity hard drives to be formatted for their full capacity, even in systems where this was not natively possible (Quicksilver 2001 and earlier). We or course keep the 133 Cards in stock. but they are no longer being made so the supply is limited.

If you are looking for the ultimate and have a few more bucks to spend search out the new Serial ATA drives and the new Tempo ATA150 (only available used these days). These are probably a waste of money for anything but the fastest hardware though. They do offer convenience.

External Firewire drives do not always have this limitation but you should check with the manufacturer before buying a housing with plans to put in a larger drive. Some el cheapo housings may not support large drives.


  • I like and use now as they have good troubleshooting info.

    Order securely from a 33 year old company. We offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all jumpers and INCLUDES SHIPPING in the continental U.S. Orders Call Toll Free 1-877-639-1543 10-3 CST or FAX your PO to 1-405-445-0796. Our direct phone lines (or Canada) will be 1-405-601-5288

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